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Affluent Magnolia is a residential neighborhood on a peninsula jutting into Puget Sound. Families explore the beaches and forested trails of vast Discovery Park, home to West Point Lighthouse and indigenous art at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. Smaller Magnolia Park has expansive water views. Locals mingle in the Village, a cluster of upscale shops and cafes, and site of a summer farmers’ market.

Welcome to Magnolia

Magnolia is the second largest neighborhood of Seattle, Washington by area. It occupies a hilly peninsula northwest of downtown. Magnolia has been a part of the city since 1891. A good portion of the peninsula is taken up by Discovery Park, formerly the U.S. Army's Fort Lawton. 

Magnolia has a population equivalent to 22,720 people. This beautiful area is growing quickly and is the 2nd largest neighborhood in Seattle. The beautiful city is surrounded by the Puget Sound, Elliott Bay, and Salmon Bay, and Interbay. The three significant neighborhoods of Magnolia include Southeast Magnolia, Lawton Park, and Briarcliff. This peaceful neighborhood is characterized by high-grade magnolia Seattle real estate, including single-family and multi-family homes of various designs. The house forms vary from Cape Cod, Colonial, Bungalows to Spanish and Craftsman styles.

Magnolia is isolated from the rest of Seattle, connected by road to the rest of the city by only three bridges over the tracks of the BNSF Railway: W. Emerson Place in the north, W. Dravus Street in the center, and W. Garfield Street (the Magnolia Bridge) in the south — the Salmon Bay Bridge to Ballard is rail-only, no motorized traffic is permitted to cross the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, and the W. Fort Street bridge over the railroad tracks only affords access to the W. Commodore Way industrial area (traffic to the rest of the city from that area still needs to take the W. Emerson Place bridge.)

At Magnolia, you get the small-town feel within 3 miles of downtown Seattle. You can enjoy the amenities of the big city while living and relaxing in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. What’s not to love?

5 Things To Do For Fun In Magnolia 

Magnolia possesses several spots to entertain you on the weekend. If you visit Magnolia with your family or friends, you can enjoy exploring the many beaches, parks, historical landmarks, and art centers. 

Here are some of the top things to do/see in Magnolia!

1. Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a beautiful park and was a military base in the past. It is the largest park in the city, covering a 2.325 x 10e7 square feet area. The park has a lot to offer, like fairy meadows, forests, hiking tracks, beaches, and the great Lighthouse.

The walking trail of this park is 1271217 sqft. To the western point of the Discovery Park, a Lighthouse is present that attracts visitors from around the globe. You can spend the whole day exploring places and objects at this venue.

2. Ella Bailey Park

It is a famous park perfect for all occasions; there are barbeque grills, a play area for kids, portable restrooms, and a large parking area. After having a tiresome day at work, you can visit this spot in the evening and relax your mind, body, and soul.

Reviews suggest that people who visit the park are quite friendly, the atmosphere is calm and the area is clean.

3. Elliott Bay Marina

It is a full-fledged recreation center where you can go boating with your pals. The place is pet-friendly and great for all ages! Visit the marine store and pick up your last minute boating essentials.

The marine is clean and well-maintained. It remains open from dawn to dusk and is a hub of fun, bliss, and adventures. Also, you can choose to have a great meal at Maggie Bluffs or Palisade while enjoying the beauty of the waters and nature.

4. Mounger Pool

Spending time in the waters of the swimming pool is bliss, especially when you have siblings or kids around. To cater to such needs of yours, Magnolia’s exclusive Mounger Pool provides access to water parks and swimming pools.

The clean, hygienic, and germ-free water allows you to enjoy a great fun time, relax your body and calm your brain. The place is safe for kids and has a vast area for parking purposes.

5. Daybreak Star 

This is an Art and Cultural Center where you can enjoy the beauty of mesmerizing arts. The space is an open area with amazing monuments, objects, and art projects exhibited. It is a green spot to help you cherish Nature while having a great time.

You can reserve a spot here to conduct your ceremonies like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, and engagements to make your event memorable.

Best Magnolia Restaurants

If you plan to dine out this weekend and are confused about where to go, here is a list of a few restaurants with a 5-star rating and nice reviews. Their taste and customer care services are also great.

1. Serendipity Cafe And Lounge

This is a top-notch American transitional restaurant located at a great place. It has a bakery and bars inside to provide all that you crave. You can visit this place with your parents while giving them ample time to sit comfortably in a charming space and enjoy themselves.

They serve a variety of food, and each recipe is mouth-watering. You can order a diet meal as well. The cafe offers delivery, and the customer care service is quite responsive and satisfactory. 

2. Pink Salt Restaurant

It is a luxurious Peruvian restaurant that serves everything, including desserts and cocktails. It caters to diet-conscious people by serving them amazing healthy smoothies, green juices, and avocado toasts.

If you want to go crazy over food, order their high-calorie meals like sin-o-buns and chocolate cookies that are divine and are carefully crafted to bless your taste buds.

3. Magnolia Village Pub

A $$ restaurant that maintains the quality of its food and caters to the personalized needs of customers, Magnolia Village Pub is an awesome spot to grab a meal. You can order any meal of your choice, and you will be served it immediately.

Delivery and Takeaway are available at this restaurant. The restaurant remains open throughout the week.

Magnolia Real Estate Trends

Magnolia has always been a favorite city for people searching for properties and homes in Washington. The reason is its beauty, natural feel, daily life luxuries, and decent lifestyle while living in Seattle homes.

These are the exact reasons behind the high prices of Magnolia real estate. There are potential buyers, sellers, and investors associated with Magnolia real estate due to its high demand.

The housing options in Magnolia are incredible. It depends on you whether you are looking for a small rental apartment or a large bungalow. With the help of a real estate agent in Magnolia, you can find ideal homes for sale.

The number of housing units in Magnolia is 9000+. The property tax rates as of 2019 consensus are $0.4645 per 100 USD of taxable value.

The Advantages Of Having A House In Magnolia 

You can have the house of your dreams in Magnolia. Depending on the number of beds and baths you want, you can ask the real estate agent in Magnolia to find a property. 

Peaceful And Quiet

Peace of mind is important for health. Without health, you won’t enjoy life no matter where you live. Magnolia takes care of your mental and physical health by providing a relatively rural feel, pure & fresh air, and a natural panorama.

Living in Magnolia, situated on a hill, you get to enjoy the heavenly scenery of Puget Sound. Every morning you can go to parks for a morning walk. In the evening, you can go to the beach to have quality leisure time.

Comfort-filled Residence

Apart from natural beauty, Magnolia provides you with accessories that you need in your daily life. For a haircut, you can go to a nearby barbershop. For shopping, you can visit high-grade shopping marts, for a cup of coffee, you get plenty of options to buy coffee from. This is the reason behind the popularity and expensive real estate of Magnolia.

Developing Infrastructure 

Magnolia is not an underdeveloped region. It has everything that you need to maintain a decent lifestyle. Its structural and functional infrastructure is developed. Its cultural heritage is rich. It is on its way to achieving more success by incorporation of modern high-end skills in its systems.

People are revamping and redesigning their real estate as per 2021 trends. Anyone looking to buy a home here can rest assured of optimum quality of life with no second thought.

Wrap Up - About Magnolia & Its Real Estate

Magnolia is a great place to invest in real estate. The chances of growth in real estate opportunities are higher as compared to the past. Modern trends require modern modifications, and this is exactly what we experience with Magnolia.


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