Kirkland is a city in King County, Washington, United States. A suburb east of Seattle, its population was 93,010 in a 2019 census estimate, which made it the sixth largest city in the county and the thirteenth largest in the state.

Welcome to Kirkland

Kirkland is a large city, based in King County on Lake Washington shore, US. It has been awarded the title of 13th largest city in the state and 6th largest in the county. In 2019, its population was 93000+ people. The place takes its name from the store brand, i.e., Kirkland Signature.

The city was the original home of the Seattle Seahawks, the NFL, team's headquarters and training facility were located at the Lake Washington Shipyard (now Carillon Point) along Lake Washington for their first ten seasons (1976-85), then at nearby Northwest University through 2007. Warehouse chain Costco previously had its headquarters in Kirkland. While Costco is now headquartered in Issaquah, the city is the namesake of its "Kirkland Signature" store brand.

The city is surrounded by luxurious resorts, art houses, beaches, restaurants, and waterfront parks. The overall area of this place is 14502 acres. The weather is cool and pleasant to welcome everyone in the best way.

The city's downtown waterfront has restaurants, art galleries, a performing arts center, public parks, beaches, and a collection of public art, primarily bronze sculptures.

5 Things To Do For Fun In Kirkland 

Kirkland is all that a person can wish for. Whether you love historical landmarks, quiet open places, Nature, museums, shopping markets, or real estate, it has everything. Have a look at the top FIVE things that you would enjoy doing in Kirkland.

1. Juanita Beach Park

The Juanita Park in Kirkland is a miracle of nature that consists of beautiful monuments, pastures, beaches, and whatnot. It is a vast open space that allows you to jog, run, and explore the magic residing in Nature.

The Park is especially popular among children due to wildlife attractions and a large playground. You can spend a romantic evening with your spouse while having a stroll around the L-shaped track that can be seen on the map.

2. Kirkland Library

Unlike an ordinary library, Kirkland Library features brilliant artwork in the form of figurines, sculptures, wall art, and intricate patterns. High-tech tools, modern apparatus, and gadgets are provided for you to complete your research projects efficiently. 

The overall atmosphere of the library is peaceful and warm. Friendly people come here and spend quality time. You can also bring your children for teaching and learning purposes.

3. Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail

A walking and biking trail to add more fun and adventure to your visit to Kirkland is a great idea. You will love the experience of passing through forests, bridges, parks, and other Kirkland WA real estate properties.

The view of this 5-7 mile path is eye-pleasing, brain-relaxing, and heartwarming. You can use it for a morning walk or an evening stroll as well. The path is not curvy but straight.

4. Northwest Paddle Surfers

Enjoy mesmerizing water sports and boat tours in Kirkland in the Northwest Paddle Surfers water park. A variety of services are available, like an eight-person stand-up paddle, new SUP boards, and paddle flow.

Refreshment is also available in the form of enjoyable outdoor activities and fresh food. You can enjoy paddling or boating on an hourly basis.

5. Kirkland Performance Center

A small indoor space in the heart of the city where you get amusement like never before is what you can expect from Kirkland Performance Center. This is like a performance-based music show where you sit comfortably on chairs and enjoy the whole performance while eating popcorns.

You can bring your children along as well. The parking lot is vast to accommodate vehicles effortlessly. The overall feel and panorama of this theater-type center are fantastic and loved by thousands of people.

Best Kirkland Restaurants

Whether you are native to Kirkland or have come here to spend a vacation, you would want to have high-quality, hygienic, tasty, and cost-effective food. Here are given a few options to make your stay a yummy one.

1. Chainline Brewing Company

This is one of the most famous breweries of Kirkland.  They specialize in several cocktails and beers. Their raw material is sourced from Wheat. The brewing spot has designed fun activities to entertain you.

You can enjoy a late-night party with your pals at this restaurant. The decoration of this indoor system is also appreciable.

2. Cactus Restaurant

It is located at 121 Park Ln, Kirkland, WA 98033. It is ranked on the list of top best restaurants in Kirkland and stands in the second position. You can enjoy Mexican, Latin, and Southwestern dishes here.

3. The Grape Choice

This restaurant/winery offers multiple types of food along with your favorite beer. Their alcohol-making recipes are incredible. Their wine collection is classy, including local, international, and domestic brands.

Kirkland Real Estate Trends

Kirkland real estate is a holy grail when it comes to achieving business settlement in Washington. Kirkland’s real estate properties range from small homes, coffee shops, barbershops, showrooms, and luxury-grade apartments. The prices of properties, including homes, are $$$$$.

You can work as a Kirkland real estate agent in this city or hire a Kirkland real estate agent to assist you in making high-converting deals. 

Kirkland WA real estate has brilliant opportunities for investors and traders. The real estate trends in this city have been changing over time. However, the value of its land, properties, and infrastructure always increases.

The Advantages Of Having A House In Kirkland 

There are multiple advantages of adopting Kirkland as your homeland. We have listed a few to help you make a better decision.


Money is the ultimate fuel of life that enables us to afford luxuries that add convenience and value to our lives. Living in Kirkland is worth it as the employment ratio is higher here. Kirkland real estate opportunities allow people to build massive businesses by taking advantage of the right opportunities. 

Retail & Shopping Facilities

If you have got bored of visiting historical places, the Farmer's Market of Kirkland is the best option. Buy fresh food, groceries, flowers, and bakery items without any hassle at this one-stop shop. You can learn further on their website. 

Shopping marts and general stores are available to meet your daily life needs without any problem.

Wrap Up - About Kirkland & Its Real Estate

Considering all the amazing spots in the city and the multiple facilities it offers, showrooms, to site visitors and native people, one must not miss a chance to grab a new property in Kirkland. If you don’t find one, search using the services of an agent and keep it reserved.

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