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Darius Cincys - Luxury Property Specialist | April 23, 2023


Welcome to the neighborhood of West Bellevue. In this video, we'll tell you everything that you might want to know if you plan on moving here. We will cover where this neighborhood is, what it's like living here. How much the homes cost. Is it safe? What are the schools? What is it close to? And what else is great about this particular area?

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And I'd love to show you around. So let's get right into West Bellevue. West Bellevue is in one of the most convenient and desirable locations. It's just south of the downtown core. It's west of Interstate four or five and north of I-90 and east of the shores of Lake Washington. Its location is just one of the many reasons why it's so special.

Depending where you live in the neighborhood, you're either just a few minute drive or a few minutes walk to everything that downtown core has to offer. And I did do a separate video on the downtown, so you can check it out via link in the description. This neighborhood includes more than two miles of Lake Washington shoreline, which has many waterfront estates and a public beach park for all residents to enjoy.

The easy access to four or five in I-90 also make it extremely easy to get just about anywhere. You're just 15 minutes from downtown Seattle, about 20 to 30 minutes from the airport and about 15 minutes from Redmond, Microsoft campus. If you happen to work there, the population of West Bellevue is around 3500 people. And based on economic and ethnic factors, it's a very diverse community.

And according to, as an A-plus rating. Also, this neighborhood has the best of both worlds. Maybe if you're a younger, single professional, you're very close to everything that downtown Bellevue has to offer. Or if you are a family and you have children, you will also fit right in, because over 25% of residents here are families with children.

Because this neighborhood has so much to offer, it is not cheap to live here. The housing in West Bellevue consists of condos, townhomes and single family residences. Most of the condos will be found on the northern end of the neighborhood closer to downtown Bellevue. And as you go further south, you'll get into more of the suburban neighborhoods. Condos will be almost affordable option, with prices ranging anywhere from $500,000 up to 3 million or so.

And then single family homes will range anywhere from 2 million up to 6 million or so. And lastly, your waterfront properties will be the most expensive and actually, at the moment, the most expensive listing in West Bellevue is Russell Wilson and Sierra's home that's listed for $26 million. The schools in West Bellevue are exceptional. This neighborhood is served by the Bellevue School District, and both the public schools and the private schools have great ratings and are some of the best schools in state of Washington and in the United States.

In fact, many families want to live in this area just because of the schools. So to be more specific, you might want to take a look at the school district map in terms of where the boundaries are. But most of the residents in West Bellevue are served by the Ed Elementary Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School, which are all grade school.

We've already talked about the convenient location of this neighborhood. But even if you don't currently own a car, it'll be very easy to get to just about anywhere. We're currently at the South Bellevue Station of the East Link Transit, and it's a train that will take you from Seattle through Mercer Island, through downtown Bellevue, all the way up to Redmond, to the Microsoft campus.

It just got completed and it's now in the final stages and will open up this year. If you've seen any of my other videos, I always leave you with some restaurant recommendations. In this case, what? Bellevue is a residential neighborhood. So for dining, you're going to want to go to downtown Bellevue. However, there is one special place here, if you like, pancakes.

The pancake out right off of Bellevue Way has been here for over 64 years and is a local resident favorite when it comes to the question of safety. West, Bellevue and actually Bellevue as a whole is a very safe community to live in. According to local crime data, it's one of the safest places to live in Washington state.

And just overall, the community is very quiet. The streets are clean, the homes are well taken care of. And you could tell that the local residents have extreme pride of ownership while living here. And lastly, I promise to tell you what is there to do in West Ability? Well, we've already touched on that. If you want the shopping, dining, nightlife, everything is just a few minutes away.

And if you like the outdoors, you'll also love living here in the summertime. There's a Chism Beach Park, which is a waterfront park with a dock picnic, play areas, restrooms and tons of activities for the whole family. Also, there's a massive Mercer Slew Nature Park, which is a 320 acre wetland park. That's popular for hiking. It has a seasonal blueberry farm, and you can also rent a canoe and go to the channels.

And that's a wrap. I hope you got a lot of value out of this video. Again, please be sure to subscribe to the channel and check out other neighborhoods that I'm putting out. And if you are moving to the area, reach out to me any time. Thank you for your time and I'll catch you up the next video.


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