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Darius Cincys - Luxury Property Specialist | April 23, 2023


Today, we're in the beautiful Bellevue, Washington, and we're going to give you a neighborhood tour of Woodridge. And in this video, we're going to tell you where this neighborhood is, what it's like living here. How much do the homes cost here in Woodridge? What are the schools? Is it safe? And what else you might want to know? My name is Darius.

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So let's get right into it. What are just very conveniently located just northeast of I-90 and four or five intersection, and it extends up north to the late Hills Connector Road. And the reason one of many reasons why this neighborhood is so popular is because, as you'll see in this video, it has a very much of a suburban community feel.

Yet it's so close to everything. In fact, it's only a five minute drive to downtown Bellevue. And if you wanted to walk, it would only take you about 45 minutes. It's also 50 minutes to downtown Seattle and about 20 minutes to the SeaTac Airport. It's very easy to get to just about anywhere from this great neighborhood. The population of Woodridge is just under 5000 people, and this community is characterized by its quiet streets and comfortable family homes, many of which have views of downtown Bellevue, downtown Seattle and Lake Washington.

The demographics statistics in Woodridge tell us that most of the residents here are highly educated, high income earners, and in many cases, families with kids. Which makes this neighborhood a perfect area to raise a family. Just like most other Bellevue neighborhoods. It is not cheap to live here. There are a little over 2000 housing units here in Woodridge.

Most of them are single family homes. Yet there are a few condominium and apartment complexes at the southern end of the neighborhood. Most of the single family homes here were built between 1940s and 1980s. Yet because of its desirable location, we are starting to see a bit more of the new construction and mainly single family custom homes being built here.

Your most affordable option to get into the neighborhood would be a condo. The condos here range anywhere from 500 to $800000, and they're your standard 2 to 3 baths. Yet the buildings were built in 1980s and 1990s, so they're a little older. So if you're looking for a sleek, sexy, modern condominium, you want to be looking downtown. But if you want to be in this area, that will be your most affordable option for single family homes.

The prices range anywhere from a million up to two and a half and $3 million or so for $1,000,000. That will be your entry level for single family home. And you could probably be looking at getting a smaller home under 2000 square feet or so, probably built in the 1960s or seventies without much updates. If you go up in that price range and you get closer to two and a half and $3 million mark, that's where you will be able to find a newer home built within the last ten years or so and a much bigger one, maybe 4000 to 5000 square feet.

In fact, only a handful of homes have sold here for over $3 million, and all of them have been brand new construction custom homes. Woodridge just served by the Bellevue Public School District and most of the elementary age kids go to Woodridge Elementary, which is right behind us, and then Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School. As I always say, if you care about the specific boundaries, be sure to check out the map of the Bellevue School District, and I'll provide that down in the description.

But across the board, Bellevue School District and these three schools specifically are very highly rated and they are some of the top schools here in Washington and in the United States, which make it a very popular destination for families with children. The residents here are very proud of the sense of community and the family of the neighborhood. And many are involved in local government, community outreach and neighborhood activities.

So to sum it all up, you will love living in Woodridge because of its great schools, close proximity to everything, access to high paying jobs, homes with beautiful views and its safe streets. This is a great place to call home. Thank you for watching. Once again, my name is Darius and I'm a realtor here in Washington. If you are moving to the area, if you have any questions about this neighborhood or any other neighborhood out there, be sure to like this video.

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