Top 10 Things to Visit/Do in Seattle

Darius Cincys - Luxury Property Specialist | December 6, 2022

Top 10 Things to Visit/Do in Seattle 

Welcome to Seattle. If you plan on moving to Seattle or if you plan on coming to visit Seattle just for a weekend, or even if you live in Seattle currently, but haven’t explored much of the city, you want to watch this video because today we will tell you the top ten things to visit and do here in Seattle, Washington.


It's only right that we start at the birthplace of Seattle, which is the Pioneer Square neighborhood. We're now currently the oldest neighborhood here in the city of Seattle, and it has so much to offer. Everything else on our list today are going to be specific locations or things to do, but we could not miss Pioneer Square. So this is kind of a all encompassing umbrella, if you will. Come spend an afternoon, check out the bars, restaurants. There's an underground tour. Check out the old historic architecture. There's so much history here in Pioneer Square. The only word of caution is, unfortunately, this neighborhood does have the highest concentration of homelessness here in the city of Seattle. So this may not be the most safe place in the evenings or at night, but be sure to come spend an afternoon and you will love it.


The second thing you want to do while visiting Seattle is check out the Smith Tower. It's this white historic office tower right behind me. And what so special about it as it's currently a museum of thought. You can go for 20 bucks, get a ticket, go through a self-guided tour, and then go up to the 35th floor, which has a speakeasy type bar with great drinks, a great restaurant, and a full 360 view of the city of Seattle. It was built in 1914, and at that time it was the tallest skyscraper west of Mississippi. It's truly an iconic location here in Seattle. 

The third place that you must visit when you're in Seattle is the world famous Pike Place Market, which is right behind us. And on this list of recommendations, my goal is to make it official for you that you'll bring all over town. So the next four things we talk about are going to be all within walking distance. But Pike Place Market is the most visited tourist attraction here in Seattle and thirty third most visited tourist attraction in the world with more than 10 million visitors each year. Because it gets so busy. My recommendation to you come check it out during a weekday in the morning, if possible. And what I really like about Pike Place market, it's actually the biggest collection of small businesses here in Seattle. There are over 220 vendors, small businesses that all leased space here at the Pike Place Market and are able to sell their products. So Pike Place is a wonderful place to give you all of the experience of the Seattle culture through drinks, food, local vendors and of course, the world famous fish stocks.


If you're a coffee lover, you'll appreciate our fourth recommendation, which is the first original Starbucks location here in Seattle. We're standing in front of it. It was opened in 1971, and it's hard to wrap your head around it. But today, Starbucks has over 34,000 locations worldwide. And it all started right here. And it's still an operational coffee shop where you can go and get your favorite cup of latte.

So the next two attractions are here on the Seattle waterfront. And you probably noticing there's lots going on with cranes in construction. Be sure to subscribe to my channel because soon I'll do another video of an update of what's going on with the waterfront because again, fully redeveloped. There's some renderings all over the place, but attraction number five you want to check out is the great whale, which is behind me. It is located on Pier 57 and it's actually the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast. It is 175 feet tall and offers the best views of the city skyline and the water. So it's definitely worth visiting. It's also in the top ten tallest Ferris wheels in the entire United States, which makes it a very notable destination. 


And as you noticed, we're still in the same spot because our recommendation number six is right there, still on the water. It's the Seattle Aquarium. It's a wonderful place to take your kids. It's been here since 1977, and it's now getting a huge facelift as part of the whole project that you see here on the Seattle waterfront. And especially if you're here for the weekend, maybe and it's raining and the weather is crappy, you could spend a whole afternoon take your kids there.The whole family will have a great time. We're now an Amazon country. We're actually just about a ten minute walk from Pike Place Market in South Lake Union. And I did a whole video on the neighborhood tour of South Lake Union, so be sure to check the link in the description and watch that video if you want to learn more.


And so the seventh thing that we recommend you check out are the Amazon spheres, which are the three massive glass domes behind me. It's actually a conservatory with over 40,000 different plants inside, and it's also a meeting and a space for Amazon employees. It does have a limited visitor location here on the main level, which gives you a bit of a tour about what it's all about.If you wanted to get inside, you do have to know an Amazon employee, and if you're desperate, let me know. I do know some people and also at the bottom of the Amazon sphere, there's a bar called Deep Dive which kind of has a really cool speak easy vibe that not many people know about. But if you're ready to drop 30 bucks for a cocktail and just want to say you've been there, you should definitely check it out.


So just like last time, I want to make your visit here efficient, you don't have to go far to check out the next thing that we recommend, which is the Amazon Go Store. So if you're from Seattle, you've probably been through it already, but it's a very unique retail experience which basically has no cash registers, no employees. You walk in scanning with an app, pick up whatever you want to buy off the shelf and just walk out of the store and then they know what you purchased and it will charge your card automatically.


It's definitely worth checking out. The top ten list would not be complete without a mention of the Space Needle, which is the most iconic landmark here in the Seattle city skyline. It's been here since 1962 and it's open daily. And you could take the elevator right up to the top and enjoy the restaurant, the rotating restaurant or the observation deck, and actually even has glass floors throughout so you can see your way down.

It's the best view in the city and you not want to miss. And while you come here to check out the Space Needle, you could spend the whole afternoon here and also check out the Seattle Science Center, the Museum of Modern Art, the Climate Pledge Arena where the Kraken and the old NBA team used to play. There's so much to do here right in the Seattle City Center.

And the last spot that I recommend you check out when visiting Seattle is Lake Union, especially if you come here in either spring or summer when the weather is nice and it's hot out and you like to be on the water, this is a place to be. You can rent a kayak or a boat. You can go jogging around the lake.

But I used to like to do is rent one of these a little city bike and you can ride around the lake. It has so much to offer. Has great restaurants and park. Also on the north end of the lake, there's Gas Works Park, which is a very popular it has a beautiful Seattle city skyline view where you can go have a picnic.

Lake Union is definitely something you want to check out when visiting and is just a few minutes away from downtown Seattle. So it's very close and has tons to offer. Thank you for watching as always. If you like this video, please be sure to subscribe. Keep up on all the future videos we have coming out. You have any questions about anything that's relating to Seattle?

Don't hesitate to reach out and I'll catch you on the next video.


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